SUNFIND Off-Grid PV Systems

Are off grid systems feasible and how do they work?

Yes, a properly designed off grid system in a properly sited area can be very reliable and cost effective.

PV Array

The PV array includes the solar modules, racking, grounding equipment, wiring, combiner box and whatever is needed to assemble and operate the PV modules. 

Inverter System

SUNFIND inverter systems include charge regulators, inverters, load centres and the "tid bits" to make it an operable system.

  • Charge Regulators: These regulate the energy from the PV array to the Inverter System / Batteries.
  • Inverter(s): The inverter takes the DC energy from the PV modules and/or batteries and converts to AC
  • Load Centre(s): these units contain all the disconnects, bus-bars, wiring, etc. to make the system a code compliant, safe installation

There are inverter / inverter systems that are suitable for seasonal / light duty application and inverter systems suitable for full time / heavy duty operation.  It is important the appropriate equipment is used for the appropriate application.

Battery Bank

The battery bank is what allows energy to be stored for when production from the solar array does not meet the consumption.  There are two type of technologies most used in the industry:

  • Wet Lead Acid: This is the traditional technology.  These batteries have a "wet" electrolyte.  These batteries will require maintenance such as adding water and equalizing.
  • AGM: Absorbed Glass Matt - these technology has been in use for sometime now, but with the cost dropping, we are now seeing a lot of these batteries used in the solar industry.  The batteries are a maintenance free, more efficient design vs. the wet lead acid.
  • Lithium Ion: Around 2016 we saw interest in Lithium Ion storage technology skyrocket - however, there was limited options available when it came to approved, safe options for solar PV systems.  Now, in a short few years, there are approved, quality Lithium Ion options available! 

What is the best battery options?   Here is a very quick and basic guide: 

Wet lead acid batteries will offer the lowest upfront cost, but have a high life cycle cost.  Plus, these batteries require venting and maintenance, such as equalization and watering.  

AGM Technology offers the lowest upfront cost in a maintenance free format, but have a high life cycle cost. 

Lithium Ion will have the highest upfront cost, but offer the lowest life cycle.  A typical Lithium Ion battery bank will have 5,000-7000 cycle life, at a 100% discharge. By comparison, a lead acid battery will have a 400-1,500 cycle life at 100% discharge.  

AC Generator

Full time solar systems are in Canada are equipped with fueled generators.   Sunfind Solar Products recommends and only sells diesel generators.  Our line of generators from Kubota offer excellent reliability and fuel economy when compared to propane, natural gas or gasoline options.

Since 2005, Sunfind Solar Products has been providing solar PV solutions across Canada and beyond.   We are proud to say we hold the distinction of supplying our PV systems to every single province and territory in our great nation, giving us the unique experience that comes with operating systems in such a wide variety of climate conditions.   Below is a brief overview of some of the systems we've provided.

Sunfind Solar Products designed, supplied and installed this system in Africa.  The system powers entire village, bringing sustainability and economic development to the people.   

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