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Sunfind Solar Products has extensive experience working with generators in off grid applications. This experience, coupled with the expertise and experience in designing solar energy systems, results in a very select number of generators we will recommend of off grid use. A high quality, industrial grade generator will be more cost effective and provide decades of worry free, reliable operation.

Sunfind Solar Products prides ourselves on providing cost effect, reliable solar PV systems. As such, we will only recommend generators that will maintain those high standards. For an overview of generator options, please review this guide. For more detailed information, such as purchase price, operational costs and technical specifications, please contact a SUNFIND Sales Representative.

Generator Guide

Battery Care & Maintenance

It is critical to regularly monitor your battery bank to ensure proper performance and longevity. With proper maintenance and care, your battery bank can provide years of reliable and trouble free power. Two proper tools that are critical to battery maintenance: 

- A voltmeter-allows to you to measure DC voltage

- A Hydrometer-allows you to measure the battery’s specific gravity.


Battery Care and Maintenance Guide

Home & Cottage Sizing

A solar energy system is not an unlimited supply of electricity. The batteries operate like a fuel tank; the solar modules add “fuel” (electricity) to the batteries and system usage removes “fuel” from the batteries. It is important to watch how much “fuel” is removed from the batteries before the fuel is added back into the batteries.

RV Solar Sizing

Use this information to calculate your electricity needs and match to a Sunfind RV Charging Kit.

Water Pump Sizing

This sizing chart is to used to help determine the appropriate RPS Pumping System for you. Before making your purchase, please return this document to your sales representative to ensure that you receive the RPS Pumping System you require.

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Home & Cottage Sizing Form

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Off Grid PV Design Guide

The first step to successful off grid living is education. Not all solar systems are equal. It is important to ensure a solar system is designed for the proper climate and application.  To get started, we recommend you download our design guide, which goes over all the "ins and outs" on planning a off grid PV system. 

Design Guide



As a buyer, it is so important to remember that not all modules are the same.  In the last five years, we've seen an explosion of manufacturers, and the last two years have seen many of these manufacturers fail.   As a buyer, keep these thing in mind when purchasing modules.

  • Are the modules coming from an established, proven manufacturer?
  • Has the manufacture allowed third parties to test and analyze is product?
  • What is the reputation of the company?

Also, price can be an indicator.   Modules of the same quality will be +/- 10% in pricing.  If you find a significantly lower priced module, this should at least raise your awareness to do further investigation.  

Solar module testing has shown some modules only lasting a couple years (even though they had 20 year warranties), so it is important not to let the warranty fool you into believing the module is going to provide long term performance and reliability. 

Here are a couple of videos discussing quality...check them out.


How Strong are Solar PV Modules?

One of the misconceptions almost all PV system buyers have is they believe PV modules are fragile.  While they certainly can be broken, a quality PV module has amazing strength and durability and will outlast virtually any other building exterior both in terms of extreme weather and life cycle. 

The below video illustrates just how resilient a quality PV module is!

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