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Commercial off grid systems are practical and feasible in rural areas / remote areas where utility power and infrastructure can be extremely expensive. 

This particular system utilizes a 12kW array.  This particular system, located in Grand Forks, BC, will deliver around 60 kWh / day in the summer and 26 kWh / in the winter.  As with all off grid systems, it is very important to ensure proper sizing, which then ensures the system will operate as required.

The Boundary Museum in Grand Forks, BC, decide to implement a large off grid solar system due to the high cost of extending the existing electrical system to new infrastructure.  Sunfind Solar Products provide the engineering, design, supply and installation training.

Sunfind Solar Products assembled, programmed and tested the entire inverter system in our facility prior to shipment.  Once the system was ready to be installed, we delivered the system to site.   The system also utilized a 75kWh AGM battery bank @ 48VDC.

Ready to see if off grid is for you?

The cost of an off grid system is directly related to how much energy you will be using / are using.   We need to ensure there is enough solar, inverter(s) and batteries to meet your power and energy consumption needs.   Every application is different, depending on how many people, the appliances used, location and more.  It is important to look at each installation on a unique basis.  To get start, please fill out the below form.

 Full Time, Year Round
 Seasonal, Light Duty
 10-20 kWh / day
 20-30 kWh / day
 30+ kWh / day
 $50,000 +

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