SUNFIND Off Grid Residential Systems

High Performance (HP) Solar Systems:  

SUNFIND Off Grid High Performance Systems were designed and engineered by using industry leading components to produce the most advanced, reliable and cost effective system on the market. When off grid, efficiency and reliability are paramount and a SUNFIND High Performance System will give you the peace of mind knowing that your energy requirements are being supplied by the most advanced solar PV system on the market at the most competitive price possible. We have carefully designed and integrated all components to ensure a reliable, safe, and code compliant off grid PV system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Avoid the high costs of installing utility power. 
  • Never pay an electrical utility again! No more transmission fees, distribution fee, etc, etc, etc…
  • Industry leading system engineered and designed by Sunfind Solar Products
  • Systems are assembled, programmed and tested in our facilities before shipment
  • Rest assured all the parts and components are going to integrated and operate together as required. 
  • Complete systems ready for quick installation and reliable operation.

SUNFIND HP systems are designed for:

  • Full time off grid living
  • Acreages, hobby farms and small for farms
  • Small commercial and industrial applications
  • Fully automated applications, including a back-up generator

The Solar PV array size can vary greatly depending on the application and requirements.  The sole job of the PV array is to generate the energy required for the site's consumption.  These means that the PV array has to be designed directly to consumption.   The above picture shows a 12kW array, which was matched to the property's anticipated energy consumption.  Also, it is very important to ensure the PV array has access to the Sun...hence the large platform in the above picture. 

The inverter system is designed to the anticipated power requirements.  The pictured system has many large loads that could all operate at the same time, hence the dual inverter system.  

The AGM battery bank needs to be sized to take into account both POWER requirements and ENERGY requirements.   As shown, the batteries are appropriately enclosed and set-up to meet Canadian Electric Code rules. 

A back-up generator is typically incorporated into a full time off-grid system.  The reason for this, is the generator can provide short bursts of energy for large loads or make up for the lack of energy from the PV array during winter months.

While it is technically feasible to size a PV array to provide enough energy in the winter, it becomes a balance between cost and using a second source of energy to meet consumption needs. 

Frontal View of the Array: 

  • Proper sighting to ensure the sun shines on the PV array
  • Tilt angle appropriate for the season.  In an off-grid application, adjusting the array can provide measurable benefits. 
  • Proper access to the PV array

This pictures shows a 20 kW diesel generator mounted inside.  This provide a clean, warm, secure location for the generator so he generator will start and operate when required.  It also means the generator is in an environment to allow proper maintenance.  Diesel gen sets generally provide the best solution when it comes to off-grid applications.

These generators are designed to be fully automated and will start depending on a variety of parameters

  • Time below a preset voltage
  • Load level (will start if a large load is applied)
  • Exercise

These units have been exceptionally reliable and offer the lowest cost of ownership when compared to other options, such as propane or natural gas.

Ready to see if off grid is for you?

The cost of an off grid system is directly related to how much energy you will be using / are using.   We need to ensure there is enough solar, inverter(s) and batteries to meet your power and energy consumption needs.   Every application is different, depending on how many people, the appliances used, location and more.  It is important to look at each installation on a unique basis. 

We ship our off-grid systems across Canada, and in many instances, free of charge to major locations.  To get started, please fill out the below form.

 Full Time, Year Round
 Seasonal, Light Duty
 $50,000 +
 Under $10,000

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