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Solar Affordable for all Through Lease

Aug 20, 2014


It wasn’t long ago (and still happens today) where the perception was that solar was too expensive.   In the last couple of years that has all changed!  Take for example this recently installed system.  Many urban homes will accept a 4-6kW with higher capacity electrical systems, larger roofs and higher consumption are able to install even larger systems.

This particular system is a 4.16kW system, which is net zero as this particular home owner uses about half the energy as a typical home...the neat thing is, this home has all the modern convenience, but the homeowners are very aware of how they use electricity, thus they are able to keep their monthly consumption down.

What makes this system so affordable….

  • $6,960 + GST initial investment
  • $43 / month (15 years)
  • Average savings of $88 / month for 32 years
  • Off-sets the 5.19% / year inflation rate of utility electricity
  • As energy prices go up, your savings go up
  • System covers 100% of the owners use, so the owner is 100% protected from high electricity prices.

There really has been an energy transformation and solar is now affordable for the public.  If you can afford a new car, or a RV or any other depreciating asset, you can afford solar!  As an added benefit, a solar system saves you money every month AND adds value to your home!   Can't beat that!

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