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Installing a residential solar system can be as varied and unique as the homeowners themselves. Installing solar for 13 years has allowed us to experience virtually every imaginable scenario and gain invaluable experience in preparation of the significant growth of the Canadian solar industry. 

The status quo is to use energy and pay for it at the end of every month. Money in and money out, every month, forever.  What is the economic return on that?  How much of your hard earned dollars are you sending to the utility each year? After 10 years? After 20 years?  Is there a better way?  Take a monthly expense and redirect those funds to paying for a solar system for your home - and the best part, once the solar system is paid for, the energy is now free and you can enjoy all those savings for a decade or more! 

Can a solar PV system save me anything?  You bet!  If the solar PV system is size for electrically net zero, which means you are generating 100% of all your energy on an annual basis, you will reduce your electrical bill by 55-80% depending on your bill structure.  If additional attention and effort is paid to energy and load management, saving can potentially be further increases.   So, yes, over the solar systems life, it will provide substantial savings, which means money back in your pocket. With the current Alberta Solar Rebate Incentives, there has never been a better time to invest in a solar PV system for your home

A solar PV system reduces the operating costs of the home, lessens the homes impact on the environment and provides increased curb appeal.  All this adds value to the home and allows homeowners to realize increased home values. 


It has never been easier to go solar!  

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The solar revolution is here.  In recent years, the solar industry has transformed from a niche, specialized energy solution to a energy solution that is now affordable for the masses.  Contact to learn how a solar system can save you money, provide cost certainty and allow you to invest in energy security.

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