75kW Commercial Solar System

In 2014, this 75kW system is one of the largest in Alberta and the largest in Red Deer.  Sunfind Solar Products designed, supplied and installed this system.   We had the system installed in 21 days and allowed this private company to generate 40% of their electrical needs via the Sun. 

Starting to get set up.  We have to get almost 300 modules up and on to that roof! 

Racking and M250 inverters installed.  Array is taking shape with PV modules being installed. 

We designed the system using a 400A, three phase splitter box.  All thirteen strings are installed in the splitter.  Each string uses 20A fused disconnects.    Sunfind Solar Products also designed, fabricated and painted the stand in our facility. 

All thirteen strings / circuit installed in the splitter box. 

Our control zone is set-up for safety and a walkway installed to make moving equipment around on the roof efficient and safe. 

Cable tray is installed and with electrical cable being laid into place and ready to transport all those electrons! 

Modules continue to be installed. The cable tray make a very neat, tidy and code compliant install.  S5! clamps were used for anchoring all items to the roof, so no roof penetration where made except for the "home run" wire run from the splitter to the point of connection.  

All modules now installed. 

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