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As part of Alberta’s 2014 Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO), a site tour and presentation were given at a local man’s residence in Red Deer County this past Saturday where attendees were shown first hand the benefits of solar energy.

 This is the first time GEDO has taken place in Alberta as the initiative originated in Ontario with the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, who wished to expand on the success of the event in Ontario by bringing it to Alberta.

 GEDO aims to give a sense of transparency and education around the idea of green energies such as solar power.

 Terry Krause explained during the tour of his home how he has wanted solar panels for a long time, however it wasn’t economically possible until this past June.

 Together with local solar company Sunfind Solar Products, Krause had a solar array comprised of 16 solar modules installed on the roof of his home and was plugged into the utility grid where he can now not only generate enough energy to power his home, but has the potential to sell unused energy back to the power company.

 Caleb Schmidt with Sunfind explained during the seminar and tour how, “The economics of residential solar have gone from unfavourable a mere five years ago, to favourable today.

 “What has contributed to this? The major driver is the drastic drop in solar prices.”

 Five years ago the cost of a 260W solar module would cost around $10/W, which would land one module at $2,600. Today that same module has dropped in price over the last five years by 89% costing only $296.

 “Today we can generate solar electricity for less than the utility.





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