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Sunfind Solar Products Installs Solar System in Africa

Oct 05, 2015



Our logo states “Energizing the World”.   This is not just a catchy phrase, but is 100% true.     We designed, supplied, shipped and then travelled to Africa to install our off-grid system.  


In August 2015, Caleb Schmidt, President of Sunfind Solar Products, travelled to Uganda, Africa to install a solar PV system.   The solar system power an entire village – an orphanage, bakery, kitchen, water wells, church, school and various other buildings.  



The Solar PV array was mounted on the roof of the church / school. 





The inverter system and batteries were installed in their own outbuilding.  




This system powers deep well pumps, providing clean, fresh water for up to a THOUSAND local residents.  Water is life! 





The system also energizes the onsite bakery, allowing the community to create fresh baking to be sold to area communities and markets, raising much need revenue for the community and ministry. 





The system also provides power to irrigation systems, allowing produce to be grown during the dry season.  This allows the community to have fresh produce year round and creates an excellent revenue stream as this fresh produce can be sold at local markets when fresh produce is typically not available. 

TOUCH 20.jpg




This innovate solution provides electricity to a “power line / high line”, which allows the electricity to be generated throughout the community.  

TOUCH 4.jpg



This solar PV system is due to the vision and generosity of both our African and Canadian partners.   The electricity supplied by this solar PV system will literally provide a better life for hundreds of Africans.   It was an amazing project to be a part of! 




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