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Premium Price for Alberta's Solar Grid Tie Systems!

Mar 01, 2013

Are you an Alberta resident with a solar grid tie system?  As of July 2012, you are eligible to receive 15 cents / kWh for energy you export back into the grid!  

This is very exciting, as the price incentive allows you to around 2x the amount for exported electricity compared to standard rates.  This program is known as "Light up Alberta" and is administrated by various boutique retailers in Alberta.  

Under the Alberta Micro-Generator Regulation, there is this follow rule stating retailer, who choose to, can offer this premium prices

Unless a micro-generator and a retailer agree in writing to different compensation, a micro-generator’s retailer shall credit the micro-generator for electric energy supplied out of the micro-generator’s site at the following rates:

(a) in the case of small micro-generation, at that retailer’s retail energy rate;

(b) in the case of large micro-generation, at the hourly pool price for each hour in the billing period.

In Alberta, there are several retailers providing this premium price incentive.  The two we are familiar with are: 




Toll Free:  1-877-244-7294

Suite 200, 1316-9th Ave, SE Calgary, Alberta

To learn more about Bow Valley and the premium solar credit: 




Phone: 1-780-424-2420
13912 - 109A Ave, Edmonton, AB Canada T6C 2Z6

To learn more about SPARK and the premium solar credit:

In addition, these retailers are also offering the premium solar credit. 

Adagio Energy                         

Brighter Futures Energy      

E’NRG Power                                 

Milner Power                          

Mountain View Power        

Spot Power                              

Vector Energy                         


Ultimately, you as a solar grid tie owner, need to review all the options and choose a retailer that is going to best suite your needs.  

Happy Solar Harvesting! 

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