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Ontario Cancels Feed-In Tariff for Large Projects

Jun 13, 2013

Wow, Ontario's industry once again receives a major blow, as the province has canceled their Feed-In-Tariff for "large projects"; those over 500 kW.

This really isn't a surprise; when the latest FIT program was introduced in 2009 (Green Energy Act), the FITs were so generous that we knew it was not sustainable.  The tragic story of Ontario solar is filled with promise, hope and lots of tragedy, frustration and bankrupted companies. 


  • Ontario, in a few years, is ranked as a leader in North America in terms of installed capacity
  • Brought world-wide attention and talent to the province
  • Massive influx of infrastructure to support the market. 


  • The administrating entities have completely failed - delays, program hiatus, mis-communication and the list goes on.
  • Massive outflow of industry participants - several bankruptcies and company failures
  • A general public that now has a negative view of the solar industry
  • The FIT program has done virtually nothing to build a long term, sustainable industry.  Basically, the FIT program was used as a get-rich-quick scheme.  Come in, enjoy a couple years of massive prosperity and get out. 

Has the FIT program in Ontario been worth it?  Well, that depends on who you ask and their involvement in the industry.  Unfortunately, based on our experience, our opinion is there has been more negatives than positives attached to Ontario's experiment in clean energy. 

Excerpt from Article:

Another loser is Ontario job-seekers and the once-budding Ontario renewable energy industry.

Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff Program was launched with the high hopes of building a new industry to replace the waning auto-manufacturing industry that had been hard hit by the worldwide banking crisis.

In the meantime, we have to soldier on. We took two steps forward in Ontario. Now we’ve been forced to take a step back.

That’s still progress.

Progress?  I guess that is depends on what criteria you use...if was to build a new industry to replace the auto-industry, progress is not a term most would probably use.

To read the full article, Two Steps Forward, One Back: Ontario Cancels Feed-In Tariffs for Large Projects, by Paul Gipe, please see link >>>>> Full Story


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