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Sep 25, 2012

We are excited to announce new product from Schneider Electric Renewable Energies (formely Xantrex) and Enphase Energy!  We at Sunfind Solar Products pride ourselves on providing industry leading PV systems and part of that is ensuring we are providing the latest, most innovative products from our respective manufacturers.  While the product announcements are now public, we have yet to receive pricing and availability of such product.  However, when this info is available, our designers will go to work in ernest to ensure these items can cost effectively added to our product line. 



Schneider Electric has started the public rollout of the new Conext SW Inverter System.   This new configuration includes a 3,500W inverter/charger @ 24VDC.  This new inverter system is targeted at smaller off grid / battery back-up applications, providing the same features, efficiency and technology as found in the Conext XW Inverter System, but with a smaller footprint and lower price point.  This new inverter system will likely find its way into our propriety SUNFIND Light Duty (LD) Off Grid Systems to enhance what is already an excellent off grid product line for light duty applications. 

For more information, take a moment to watch Audey Korpus, Product Marketing Manager, discuss the new SW inverter system.





Enphase Energy has been a leading inverter manufacturer since they revolutionized the market with the introduciton of the microinverter.  Not only does Enphase Energy provide the inverter, but also a host of hardware and software products to support their inverters.   Among the lastest product announcement is the new Engage Coupler, which allows a quick, reliable connection of their proprietary trunk cable.  This will replace the current requirement for a junction box, making the installation even easier.   

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