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New Facility!

Mar 30, 2013

Sunfind Solar Products is excited to announce we are now in our new facility!  Over the next couple of months we will be making several updgrades / changes in order to meet our specific needs, but we have a great new base to start with.  Here is a quick tour of our new Corporate Headquaters, with updated contact information.   We encourage you stop by, take a look and discuss your solar needs with us!


Address Update

14, 7459 Edgar Industrial Bend.   All other contact information remains the same.  Please see the below map, where "A" is our location.




Front of Building


If you see this, you have found us!  Please stop in, as we love to talk solar!



Common office area


Two work stations are in place, with two more to follow.  In addition to our private offices, we have this excellent common area, which is excellent for staff collaboration and innovation. 



Staff Room


Keeping our bellies satisfied keeps our minds sharp!  It's amazing with what one can come up with over lunch.



 Reception Area


This will be your first point of contact.  We have a basic coffee station in the works, with comfy chairs and some reading material (solar of course).  Stop in, grab a Java, browse our catalogue and allow us to quote on your solar needs! 



Sales / Conference Room


A few display items have made their way in, with more to come.  This room is designed to provide a comfy, private place to discuss your solar needs. 



Shop - Assembly Area and Shipping / Receiving


The left side of the picture, you can see our assembly area.  This is where we assemble and test our systems: PV arrays, inverters systems, etc, all spend time in this area before they are ship to the buyer.  The right side of the picture, you can see a portion of our shipping / receiving area.  A work station is in the works, with shelving and other organizational items to follow. 



Shop - Warehouse


This is the location where all our stock will be housed.  As you can see, the shelves are still bare, as we have to still add our required labeling, dividers / trays and some additional bracing to meet our stocking and organizational / tracking requirements.  


We are excited for our new facility and the growth it will allow us to handle.  Please stop in and discuss your solar needs.  We'd love the opportunity to quote your solar requirements!


Sunfind Solar Products, Inc
14, 7459 Edgar Industrial Bend
Red Deer, AB  T4P 3Z5

General: 1-403-343-6434
Fax:       1-403-343-6455
Email:    info(at)

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