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12kW PV System Grand Opening!

Jul 14, 2015

At the end of June, the Boundary Museum hosted a wonderful open house including the grand opening of their 12kW Battery Based PV system.  Sunfind Solar Products was able to host a solar workshop, which allowed the museum to share the system with the community. 

The system includes a 12kW PV array, 6kW inverter system and 75 kWh AGM battery bank.

Under normal operation, the PV system generates energy for the entire property.  When there is excess energy, the energy is sold back to Fortis BC at the retail rate.

If the utility power is lost, the system switches to “off-grid” operation, providing power to the buildings that are connected to the inverter’s output.   The Solar System is able to support the museum, and could even be used as an emergency support location if so desired.

The PV System reduced the electricity purchase from the utility by 79.2%, which results in tremendous savings.  In 10 years and beyond, the savings will be even larger due to rising electricity prices, so over the system’s life, tremendous savings will be realized. 


Boundary Museum Install 1.jpg


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