SUNFIND Solar Services

Sunfind Solar Products can provide assistance from the design to the installation of your PV system.  We have extensive experience with both off grid and grid tie applications, with a special niche in off grid and rural electrification.  We take pride in our ability to deliver industry leading PV systems and believe our expertise sets us apart in a rapidly expanding industry. 

Are you looking for a solar PV solution?  We invite you to see how we can help you meet that goal. 

NOTE: The purchase price of our systems (supply) does not include installation.  Installation is always quoted seperately from the purchase of the system.


System Supply


This is where it all starts and where specific solar expertise is required. If the system is designed incorrectly, it will not perform as required no matter how well it is installed.  First, we need to determine what the PV system needs to accomplish.  This means determining energy requirements, budgets and location.  Second, we need to use this information to match the correct system to the needs of the buyer.  A system consists of dozen of parts and it's critically important to ensure all the items are suited to work together.  Incompatible parts can mean product failure and / or none operation.  

Pre-Assembly and Set-up

A unique aspect to Sunfind Solar Products is we perform pre-assembly of many of our systems.  For example, when it comes to our battery based systems, we completely assemble the inverter systems, disconnects, etc.  In addition, we also program the inverter system based on the parameters called for.  This means we power up the system, program and make sure everything is operating correctly.  


Sunfind Solar Products has supplied product to every province and territory in Canada.  By using a national freight carrier for all our freight, we receive an excellent rate, which means we can get product to the buyer in a cost-effective and prompt manner.  Even if you live in another province, don't hesitate to allow us to quote on your project as you may be surprised what we can do for you. 


Different types of systems have different requirements when it comes to applications and permitting. However, whatever ever the system type, Sunfind Solar Products will walk you through the legal end of installing your solar PV system.  


While a properly designed system is extremely reliable, there still comes a time when troubleshooting may be required.  It can be as simple as programming to an issue with equipment.  Our extensive knowledge and expertise allows us to provide effective troubleshooting should the need to arise. 


A solar PV system is an extremely long investment and so should your relationship with the solar PV supplier.  We treat each system as unique along with the relationship we develop with the owner of the system.  You have a partner is us! 

System Installation

Now comes the installation of the system.  Sunfind Solar Products is well versed in the installation of our systems and is able to handle installations within our service radius and have been directly involved in hundreds of installations across Canada using certified and reputable licensed contractors and builders.  In fact, we recommend that any buyer that is 1+ hours from a Sunfind Solar Products' location use a local contractor in order to make the installation as cost effective as possible.  Installation is not included in our system pricing. 

Important Note: Sunfind Solar Products will only install and service our systems.  In order to provide the highest level of support we can, our expertise and service personnel are dedicated to those who have supported us through the purchase of our systems.  When you purchase a SUNFIND PV System, you get much more than just a bunch of parts and pieces.  You get a partnership dedicated to ensuring your solar experience is positive from the purchase of the system to living with the system year after year.  

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