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Alberta Called to Phase Out Coal Power

Sep 05, 2013

Albertan’s experience some of the highest electricity rates in Canada, with this project to start accelerating over the next   decade.   Currently, the majority of energy is produced via coal, but with both provincial and federal emission rules tightening, plus the need to have more flexible power generation, the     industry is moving toward natural gas as a fuel source.   Natural gas helps industry meet the increased emission and flexibility requirements, but with this, comes a higher cost to generate, which is of course passed down to the ratepayer. 

In addition, we are seeing strong interest groups pressuring the government to move away from coal produced energy.        

Snippet: The province burns more coal than the rest of Canada combined, and greenhouse gas emissions from its six coal-fired plants are only slightly less than all emissions from oilsands projects.

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Energy generation trend in Alberta

  • Many coal-fired plants are older facilities and must be retired in coming years. In addition, the use of coal is declining as controls tighten on greenhouse gas emissions. Natural gas is relatively cleaner.
  • Gas facilities are more flexible than coal plants because it is easier to vary their output to keep pace with ever-changing demand for electricity based on weather, time-of-day and other factors.

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 So, what is this all leading to?  It is leading to a cleaner, more flexible power system, which is good.  However, it will also lead to higher energy prices.  So, with cleaner, more expensive energy on the horizon, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in your own solar PV system, which is not only extremely clean, but will allow you to offset / avoid the high cost of power from your    utility.

 How is this possible?

 OFF GRID: For new residential or small commercial applications, off grid is the perfect option.  Not only can you avoid paying the high cost of installing utility infrastructure, you don’t have monthly energy payments to the utility.   Learn more about off grid.

 GRID TIE: If you already have a utility connection, a grid tie system is the perfect option to generate your own energy, save money and protect yourself from future utility price hikes.  Learn more about grid tie.



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