On Farm Solar Systems

 Farming operations benefit from reduce operating costs and positive returns on capital investment

  • Electricity costs can represent a significant portion of a farm's operating expenses - with this cost only going up. 
  • Depending on the size of system, a farming operation can generate 100% of its own energy over the course of year.  This will result in a significant reduction in the cost of utility electricity. 
  • A solar system provides an excellent shield against rising electricity prices - a solar system will reduce or eliminate the variable charges from the utility.  The energy charges, the transmission charges and a portion of the distribution charge. 


Purchase Incentives 
Tax Savings

  • Accelerated Capital Cost Allowances can provide substantial tax savings, as the Federal Government will allow the Solar PV system to be amortized at an accelerated rate, thus keeping more money in the "farm's pocket".   All operating farms have the potential to take advantage of this incentive. 


    Direct Purchase Grants
  • Alberta producers are able to receive direct rebates for the installation of a Solar PV System.   To see the incentive levels, please see the On-Farm Solar Program for more info. 


Why Choose Sunfind Solar?

With over a decade of experience designing and installing PV Systems, you can be rest assured we can meet your needs.  Whether a larger commercial scale three phase system or a smaller single phase system, we can help!  Roof or ground mount? Let us advise!     

We have the technical expertise and experience to make your project a reality.  Please contact us for a free estimate and experience the Sunfind difference!


Please contact us for a free estimate! 

The solar revolution is here.  In recent years, the solar industry has transformed from a niche, specialized energy solution to a energy solution that is now affordable for the masses.  Contact to learn how a solar system can save you money, provide cost certainty and allow you to invest in energy security.


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